Christmas Postcard of Hope and Peace

With much pleasure I have designed and drawn a Christmas card that looks like a Medieval illuminated manuscript. After buying and leafing through a wonderful book on Dutch artists painting Italy in the 17th century, I felt inspired by Pieter Monickx and Karel Dujardin’s artwork to create a border in which Josef and Maria travelContinue reading “Christmas Postcard of Hope and Peace”

Holly or Ilex

Holly has a strong cultural resonance. We use it as a Christmas decoration since the Victorian times. In pagan times, it was customary to bring holly boughs in to decorate the house. Holly was a powerful fertility symbol and was supposed to protect a family against ill-fortunes. Holly planted near a home was regarded asContinue reading “Holly or Ilex”

Commission Postage Stamp (Postzegel Tekenopdracht) and Cancellation Mark

Do you remember that I designed a Postage Stamp with two swans, a lotus flower, and a dragonfly? I used them on my correspondence. I added one on a postcard from Oxford to my father in the Netherlands. It received a Royal Mail cancellation mark, which feels like its design has been approved by RoyalContinue reading “Commission Postage Stamp (Postzegel Tekenopdracht) and Cancellation Mark”