Mandarin Ducks

Colourful mandarin duck watercolour paintings have been added to my Etsy shop. As well as a mandarin duck textile print functioning as a freehand embroidery pattern.

The large composition consisting of an Asian landscape, a lotus pond, a turtle pond, and mandarin ducks was lovely to make. I felt inspired to make it after visiting the Volkenkundig Museum in Leiden, where I enjoyed the Asian department. As always, I was charmed by how Asian artist harmoniously combine natural and abstract representations of their surroundings.

I have prepared a hoop for mandarin duck embroidery as well. I hope that those who will set out to embroider the mandarin ducks will use regular and metallic embroidery yarn to mimic the iridescent shine of the mandarin drake’s plumage.

Lastt, during our visit to a German hotel, we were encourage to bring home Max Madison Rubber Duck to show him a bit of the world. Max liked my studio but he later told me that he had suffered a culture shock. Whilst visiting my studio he became aware not all ducks are yellow and swimming in a bath full white suds. In fact, there are very colourful ducks that seem to swim in lotus or lily ponds!

Stay safe & take care.

Paula Kuitenbrouwer

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