• Letter Writing Card Sending
    Receiving letters makes people feel valued. Paula Kuitenbrouwer wrote three partly fictional and partly autobiographical letters. She designed the luxurious, double and folded mandarin duck note cards herself and they are for sale at Etsy. (No customer account needed). Paula hopes that her letters will inspire readers to pick up their fountain pen.
  • Ode to Hestia (Vesta)
    Paula Kuitenbrouwer, commission artist, shows her ‘Ode to Hestia (Vesta), a symbolic portrait of three generations of women against the background of a classical park. Skilfully rendered monochromatic artwork.
  • Three Short Stories with Bird Drawings
    Three short stories with illustrations by Dutch artist Paula Kuitenbrouwer narrating her meeting and talking with a Sparrowhawk, Common Teals, and a Collared Dove couple.
  • Practical Art and its Benefits
    Practical Art should be applauded more. It has some important benefits. Hurray to artists working so hard to make our homes a better place.
  • Leucistic Mandarin Ducks
    My leucistic Mandarin ducks are ready. They are currently swimming in my Etsy duck pond along with colourful mandarin ducks, wood ducks and common teals. First, let me explain the difference between albinism and leucism. Albinism is the complete absence of melanin, thus the complete absence of what gives skin and feathers and eyes colour.Continue reading “Leucistic Mandarin Ducks”

Desborough Ancient Mirror