• Wetcanvas is back!
    Remember Wet Canvas? That huge platform for artists to participate in challenges, receiving help and feedback, advising fellow artists, and just having fun? I regretted its decision to stop and I had the feeling this unfavourable decision had to do with Facebook starting ‘discussions’. But for somebody not active on Facebook, I missed WetCanvas. Now,Continue reading “Wetcanvas is back!”
  • Sending a Handwritten Card
    Many benefits comes with sending a note or greeting card. Not only can it be a meditation for you and a support to artists, it also helps people feeling connected.
  • Dazzling Ducks
    An acrostic list of facts about dazzling ducks by Paula Kuitenbrouwer, commission artists of Mandarin Duck artwork.
    Commission your Family Portrait  What are your thoughts when you read or hear the words ‘Family Portrait’? A painting in your grandparent’s house? Or a sepia vintage photo? Are you thinking of a window sill of your local photographer showing a family looking their best? DEFINING A FAMILY PORTRAIT   Most of us think ofContinue reading “A SYMBOLIC FAMILY PORTRAIT”
  • Keeping a Pandemic Diary
    Finding an old diary motivates Paula Kuitenbrouwer to start a new one during a pandemic lockdown.

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