• How to Draw
    Paula Kuitenbrouwer gives some drawing tips on how to draw with an eraser, how to keep charming mistakes. and how to learn drawing without being an apprentice of Boticelli.
  • Work in Progress and Seeing Ahead
    Paula Kuitenbrouwer shows how she uses her smartphone camera to evaluate her subtle, graphite drawing. By enhancing contrast, she can see how her composition makes use of dark and light sections in order to create dynamic artwork.
  • Creation Creating Itself
    Artist Paula Kuitenbrouwer narrates her art musings whilst standing in a white washed hall. Why do artists create?
  • Mandarin Duck Newsletter
    Paula Kuitenbrouwer’s Free Mandarin Duck Newsletter with full-colour images of her artwork. Links to Paula’s Etsy shop are embedded.
  • Newsletters with Discount Codes
    Commission artist Paula Kuitenbrouwer offers free newsletters that show her Koi Carp, Tulip, Mandarin Duck and Pumpkin artwork and offers Etsy discount codes.

Desborough Ancient Mirror