• Practical Art and its Benefits
    Practical Art should be applauded more. It has some important benefits. Hurray to artists working so hard to make our homes a better place.
  • Leucistic Mandarin Ducks
    My leucistic Mandarin ducks are ready. They are currently swimming in my Etsy duck pond along with colourful mandarin ducks, wood ducks and common teals. First, let me explain the difference between albinism and leucism. Albinism is the complete absence of melanin, thus the complete absence of what gives skin and feathers and eyes colour.Continue reading “Leucistic Mandarin Ducks”
  • Bullfinches, Woodcocks and Honeysuckle
    Honeysuckle Honeysuckle plants are both delicate and very strong. I drew this branch because it grew in our Belgium garden. The former owner of our house had planted a few honeysuckle plants for his blind friend. Upon saying: ‘I don’t mind whether we sit in or outside because I can’t see your garden’, the formerContinue reading “Bullfinches, Woodcocks and Honeysuckle”
  • Wetcanvas is back!
    Remember Wet Canvas? That huge platform for artists to participate in challenges, receiving help and feedback, advising fellow artists, and just having fun? I regretted its decision to stop and I had the feeling this unfavourable decision had to do with Facebook starting ‘discussions’. But for somebody not active on Facebook, I missed WetCanvas. Now,Continue reading “Wetcanvas is back!”
  • Sending a Handwritten Card
    Many benefits comes with sending a note or greeting card. Not only can it be a meditation for you and a support to artists, it also helps people feeling connected.

Desborough Ancient Mirror