• Nearing a decade of Mindfuldrawing
    Paula Kuitenbrouwer looks back at almost a decade of maintaining her Mindful Drawing website. It has matured in a valuable site filled with art, art musings, and essays on various art related topics.
  • Inspired by Kumamoto’s hanging scrolls
    Inspired by ‘The Floating World’ on Japanese hanging scrolls from Kumamoto’ commission artist Paula Kuitenbrouwer sets out to design a highly decorated hanging scroll. Follow her regular updated work in progress here or on Instagram (@mindfuldrawing).
  • The Year of the Ox
    A Printed Art Card showing a Muskox as to send to those who you wish a Happy Lunar New Year. Chinese Zodiac Sign. The Year of the Ox.
  • Inspired by a museum visit
    ART AND CULTURE LOVING MUSEUM VISIT There is always something in a museum that inspires. At least, that counts for me. Whether I visit an exhibition on shamans, a scientific department with preserved animals, an insectarium, planetarium, or aquarium, fine arts, or an anthropological exhibition, something will speak to me. The interesting thing is thatContinue reading “Inspired by a museum visit”
  • Prehistoric Diplomatic Dinner Party
    After returning to my home country, I find myself looking back at living abroad as a diplomatic spouse. By writing fictional stories, I play with the idea how different my diplomatic memories could have been. Prehistoric Diplomatic Dinner Party   Whilst enjoying tea in our local tearoom, Suzanne asked me how the dinner party lastContinue reading “Prehistoric Diplomatic Dinner Party”

Desborough Ancient Mirror