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Books & Articles by Paula Kuitenbrouwer


‘Birds, Butterflies, Fish & Botany; the Beautiful Natural World’ is out of print.

Paula wrote articles for journals and newspapers. A few links:

1. Buddha at the Gas Pump – spirituele ervaringen bespreekbaar maken.

2. On Women and Facebook’s Comments, in Dutch Newspaper NRC.

3. On Sex and Love, in Dutch Newspaper Trouw.

4. Thuisonderwijs & Schooluitval.

5. Het Klassiek Curriculum, een Sterk Fundament, BON

6. Paul Klee voor Kinderen.

7. De Werkplaats, Boeddhistisch Dagblad

8. Weinig Vriendjes, Goed voor een Kind (NRC)

Reviews of ‘Birds, Butterflies, Fish & Botany; the Beauty of the Natural World’:

“A lovely collection of art pieces of the beauty found in nature. These pieces capture the simple and elegant stories of the life that lives all around us. Paula shares her wisdom and inspiration through her vision of appreciating the Zen moments of art in nature. After perusing the booklet, I feel inspired to go out to my garden to look at all of the gorgeous colours and motifs that nature provides”.

“P. Kuitenbrouwer’s lovely drawings and friendly and insightful text are not only beautiful to the senses. Her reverence of the natural world and her patient observation and detail inspire me to slow down for a moment so I don’t miss the beauty and meaning in my own environment. I recommend this little book highly–it would also make a nice gift for anyone who loves nature”.

“Una recensione? Un Feedback? No. Solo i miei sentimenti su un piccolo libro di un artista veramente ispirato: Paula Kuitenbrouwer. ‘Uccelli, farfalle, pesci e botanica; Il bellissimo mondo naturale ‘.Non stiamo acquistando un pezzo di carta con linee artistiche combinate in una bella immagine. Compriamo emozioni, sentimenti, ore di dubbi, errori, esperienze, apprendimenti, filosofie, ecc. Per me sembra un privilegio sgattaiolare nel laboratorio di un artista e partecipare alla creazione del processo semplicemente guardandolo. È qualcosa che facevo sempre nel laboratorio di fotografia di mio padre, osservando nascere le foto che si sviluppavano pian pano. È un mistero enorme che ti porta via nel suo mondo magico.Questa sensazione ho avuto mentre leggo il libro di Paula. Ogni singola spiegazione: un concetto di composizione, colori, forme, storie personali che servono come tele per i futuri dipinti; Profonda filosofia dietro ogni elemento; E la gentilezza, l’equilibrio interiore travolgente e il pezzo dell’autore che ho ascoltato durante la lettura mi hanno semplicemente dato un effetto terapeutico. Per aggiungere: breve, chiara, niente da aggiungere, niente da togliere, solo “IL BELLISSIMO MONDO NATURALE”.

Hettie Marzak schrijft:

“Ik raad dit product aan. Inspirerend & mooi vormgegeven. In dit boekje zijn een aantal tekeningen samengebracht: gekleurde tekeningen van vogels, vissen en vlinders, afgekeken van de natuur en zo minutieus en liefdevol verbeeld dat ze levensecht lijken. Ook zijn er een aantal tekeningen opgenomen van stillevens: stenen en schalen en vazen, die zeer gedetailleerd zijn uitgewerkt.
In de Engelstalige tekst geeft de auteur, die al geruime tijd in Ierland woont, een inkijkje in haar werkwijze: waarom ze juist die onderwerpen heeft gekozen, of hoe ze te werk is gegaan bij het tekenen. Haar kennis van de natuur verdiept haar tekeningen: zo weet ze over al de onderwerpen wel iets interessants te vertellen dat de lezer nog eens – en beter – laat kijken. Ze duidt haar werk tegen de achtergrond van een filosofische levensinstelling en laat de lezer kennismaken met de aanzet tot meditatie, met aspecten uit het Boeddhisme en esthetische principes uit Japan, maar vooral met de schoonheid van de natuur en het leven. Boeiend zijn de interpretaties van haar werk binnen de symboliek van diverse religies en culturen, die de tekeningen een extra betekenislaag geven. Het is een mooi en evenwichtig vormgegeven boekje, om zelf blijvend van te genieten of om cadeau te geven.”

“I have seen her art’s work in Instagram. Every single time I saw it, I thought that I was resting in nature. It is good fresh and I am really happy to get it mine!











Paula draws, paints, and writes. She holds an MA degree in Philosophy (University of Utrecht & Amsterdam), and has lived with her husband and daughter in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Belgium, and Ireland. Currently Paula lives with her husband and daughter in her homeland, the Netherlands. Paula loves to draw and paint. Preferably commissions but also freehand style. Paula also regularly writes articles. In 1994 she won the Cimedart Essay Contest with an essay on population growth; in 1995 she won the Euro Essay Contest (first prize) with an essay on the fight against crime in Europe. At the University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Education Paula took courses on Prehistory and The Celts. One might think Paula’s pen and pencils are fighting for her time. But no, they are a good team as Paula skillfully uses them both.

“Art is often seen as a luxury but when it comes to historic, intensely sad and important events, events to remember or to celebrate in our lives, we are in need for art. I wish to help you, drawing or painting for you artwork that is both beautiful and serving a practical need. Art provides powerful, non-verbal communication that helps people to memorize messages. Art, for me, is about creating a beautiful compositions with harmonious shapes and colours.”

Reviews and remarks of Paula’s Artwork;
‘Paula’s paintings are like the models themselves had moved onto the paper’.
‘Her drawings and paintings are characterized by an ethereal and oriental feel.’
“What GORGEOUS ARTWORK you do! I always wished I was more artistic, I love to draw but only have limited talent in that way. I love you depictions of nature, just beautiful! Thank you for sharing that”.
“Hi Paula, I love your drawings and looking at them I can really feel the quiet moments and simple pleasures we can get from nature. Very calming, indeed! Many thanks”.
“You are a wonderfully talented artist Paula with a beautiful technique for making tender images that warm my heart to look at. Thank you”.
“Paula like you I love nature but you have an amazing capacity to capture nature at it’s best with your wonderful drawings. My best wishes for your continued success – people will fall in love with your wonderful talent”.
“The detail shown in the drawing of the Tawny Owl is amazing. This is another amazing piece from your Collection. Warm regards”.
“Paula, I loved your nature arts. I do like stumbling upon feathers once in a while and collect them for their beauty. They seem like magical gifts from nature”.
“I love Paula’s work for her heart flows through her artistic pen which is also an extension of her mind”.  (More reviews are on Etsy).


I love drawing butterflies, losing myself in their details and symbolism. Have a look at my portfolio at Etsy and on Instagram.  I apologize for re-directing you but after years of having a website, I noticed that too often detailed art work gets copied. Etsy and Instagram provide viewers with a broad overview, yet viewing art in low resolution.


Holly BranchI have a great love for botanical drawings. May I invite you to have a look at my portfolio at Etsy and on Instagram?  I apologize for re-directing you but after years of having a website, I noticed too often detailed art work gets copied. Etsy and Instagram provide viewers with a broad overview, yet viewing art in low resolution to protect art for getting copied.



I love drawing birds, losing myself in their details and symbolism. Have a look at my portfolio at Etsy and on Instagram.  I apologize for re-directing you but after years of having a website, I noticed that too often detailed art work gets copied. Etsy and Instagram provide viewers with a broad overview, yet viewing art in low resolution as a way to protect artist’s rights. Contact me should you like a bird pet commission.