Peony Time

Pioenroos print met pioenroos

A real Peony, a printed Peony and notice the one on the Korean flower vase.

Tulpen en Pioenroos peony print.jpg

Peony and Tulip art prints of pencil drawings by Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Beach treasures

Beach treasures. Before you think Paula has painting pebbles, I didn’t. That awesome white stone with that intricate wine red pattern, that is dried seaweed. Nature is a great artist.

Desk with 3 prints I.jpg

On a desk with 3 art prints by Paula Kuitenbrouwer.

Dog Sketch

And my darling daughter drew this cute dog. I framed it straight away. My daughter’s shop is at Etsy too, click here to say hello by giving her perhaps a whole lot of hearts?



My Etsy & my Art Shop.


Studio Pictures

HOneysuckle with 3 pots

Honeysuckle print, Korean floral in woven paper on background.

Pumpkin with 3 pots

Pumpkin Art Print of Pencil Drawing, with 3 colourful pots.


Four Tulip Art Print of Pencil Drawing, with two jars with wooden and vintage buttons.


Condolence print framed in ivory mount, placed on driftwood.

And work in progress on a ‘Succulent, Driftwood and Beach Stones’ still-life:

Succulent plant with Killiney Beach stone

Wishing you all a great day full creativity and kindness.


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