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Paula Kuitenbrouwer


Artwork at Etsy.

All prints meet the highest standards with high quality fine art paper and light fast pigments. For more info, use, or use the contact form below.

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“Lovely item and a very helpful seller – many thanks!”

“Shipment was very fast and the product was very high quality. Thank you – I’m very pleased”

“What GORGEOUS ARTWORK you do! I always wished I was more artistic, I love to draw but only have limited talent in that way. I love you depictions of nature, just beautiful! Thank you for sharing that”.

“Hi Paula, I love your drawings and looking at them I can really feel the quiet moments and simple pleasures we can get from nature. Very calming, indeed! Many thanks”.

“You are a wonderfully talented artist Paula with a beautiful technique for making tender images that warm my heart to look at. Thank you”

“Paula like you I love nature but you have an amazing capacity to capture nature at it’s best with your wonderful drawings. My best wishes for your continued success – people will fall in love with your wonderful talent”.

“The detail shown in the drawing of the Tawny Owl is amazing. This is another amazing piece from your Collection. Warm regards”

“Paula, I loved your nature arts. I do like stumbling upon feathers once in a while and collect them for their beauty. They seem like magical gifts from nature”.


I use high quality cold-pressed drawing paper and a wide range of coloured pencils, tempera paint, or oil paint as well as fixative. Originals, fine art cards or other products are shipped to you in the safest way, avoiding damage. Enjoy a a few of my drawings by clicking on the images which will enlarge them.

If you have questions, please ask. You can contact me at or by using this contact form.


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