Traditional Palette Colours

Paula Kuitenbrouwer write a short piece on the traditional palette colours and warns against buying unnecessary fancy colours.

Leucistic Mandarin Ducks

My leucistic Mandarin ducks are ready. They are currently swimming in my Etsy duck pond along with colourful mandarin ducks, wood ducks and common teals. First, let me explain the difference between albinism and leucism. Albinism is the complete absence of melanin, thus the complete absence of what gives skin and feathers and eyes colour.Continue reading “Leucistic Mandarin Ducks”

Nearing a decade of Mindfuldrawing

Paula Kuitenbrouwer looks back at almost a decade of maintaining her Mindful Drawing website. It has matured in a valuable site filled with art, art musings, and essays on various art related topics.

Portfolio Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Paula Kuitenbrouwer presents her versatile art portfolio consisting of commissioned artwork and freehand artwork.

Crossed Bison of Lascaux: Art Study Through Drawing

Lascaux’s Beasts The two bison of Lascaux (Dordogne, France) are eye-catching cave paintings made about 17,000 years ago. I liked them because they are testosterone filled beasts but at the same time, they look cute with their large, round bodies and skinny legs. Five Features During my study of this painting, I found five interestingContinue reading “Crossed Bison of Lascaux: Art Study Through Drawing”

Prehistoric Women Figurines

To deepen my understanding of female prehistoric figurines, I have set out to draw a few of them. Clockwise starting with the middle-lower sitting woman, you find Courbet Venus, carved in a seated position, about 14.900 years old. Followed by the Venus of Polichinelle, carved in green steatite, 27.000 years old, found at Grimaldi. TheContinue reading “Prehistoric Women Figurines”

Bookplate History Books Ex Libris

I drew an engaging Ex Libris is for those who study, love, writes or owns (history) books. Or books on Prehistoric Peoples, Celts, Anglo Saxons, Viking, Medieval or Renaissance books. It shows many areas of interest starting at the Prehistory (top), following anti-clockwise with Saxon-Viking, Medieval and Renaissance border.  The inside patterned border is inContinue reading “Bookplate History Books Ex Libris”