Practical Art and its Benefits

There are many forms of art. Perhaps the one you know best is Fine Arts (paintings, sculptures, and drawings). There is political art too, think of Guernica, a moving anti-war painting by Pablo Picasso. There is artwork related to a specific culture, timeline, or region. There is ancient art and modern art. Art that shocks us; art that soothes us.

Guernica, a moving anti-war painting by Pablo Picasso

Practical Art

I like to say a few words on practical arts such as needle work, woodwork, and pottery. Where fine arts are created primarily for aesthetic purposes, practical arts have an applied function. Think of Celtic Art that was, according to archaeologists, practical art. Decorated shields and swords were often made as diplomatic or status related gifts.

Celtic Desborough Mirror painting by Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Inside our homes we like to surround ourselves with practical art too. We buy the nicest dinner plates and tasteful designed furniture. Fengshui, Chinese traditional practices used to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment, also uses practical art. Specific animal artworks are put up in different areas of a home; they are believed to have different functions. These animals can be shown as statutes, ceramics, paintings, etc.

Five Elements of Fengshui by Paula Kuitenbrouwer

More Qualifications

When it comes to practical art, often an object that serves a practical function, holds many more qualities that fall outside the somewhat modest qualification being practical art. For instance, a beautiful religious painting inside a church is more than practical art; it might be painted by a famous Renaissance painter which makes the church a museum or a tourist attraction as well. Likewise, a dinner plate can be antique porcelain made by a famous German porcelain painter and thus a collector item. A violin can be a Stradivarius.

Peruzzi Altarpiece, about 1309–15, Giotto di Bondone

Practical Art is Important

The practical part of art fascinates me because it tells so much about the society in which it was bought, commissioned, used and – in case of The Night Watch by Rembrandt- dismissed and stored away for a long time. Aiming for art to have a practical function next to an aesthetic purpose is, to me, a justifiable ambition.
Mandarin note card at Etsy by Paula Kuitenbrouwer
For all those artists working on a practical piece of artwork, art that will wear and tear, art that will be used or gifted, I would like to say; ‘Keep going’. Because when art resonates with our feelings or thoughts, we look inside and see something of us projected outside of us. This helps us to bond with the environment outside of us and by bonding we subtly work on improving our lives.

Paula Kuitenbrouwer

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