Mandarin Ducks in an Asian Landscape

Still drying on my workstation, this water painting of ‘Mandarin Ducks in an Asian Landscape’ (Paula Kuitenbrouwer)
Small villages, a coastal region, and birds flying over… ‘Mandarin Ducks in an Asian Landscape’ by Paula Kuitenbrouwer
Mandarin Ducks in an Asian Landscape by Paula Kuitenbrouwer
Mandarin Ducks Mandarijneendjes Aix galericulata Art Cards, Fabric Print, Stickers by Paula Kuitenbrouwer at Etsy

I finished my ‘Mandarin Ducks in an Asian landscape’. The ducks are swimming in a lotus pond which they share with aquatic turtles. The lotus pond is situated in an Asian coastal mountainous region. A high mountain range, small communities, and overflying birds give you a spacious feeling. But above all, the colourful mandarin ducks communicate love and loyalty. As they are life long partners, mandarin ducks symbolize love, loyalty and long-lasting friendship.

Hardly visible on the photos is the blue frame that has golden line decorations.

As always, my portfolio is at Etsy. Click here for Etsy. Should you have any questions, please feel free to send me a note. I accept mandarin duck commissions, I do freehand drawings, make art cards, stickers for notebooks, and I even have a few lovely piece of fabric print available.

My mandarin ducks made it to the Dutch magazine Libelle.

Tiny interview by Catelijne Elzes for Libelle

Stay safe & take care,

Paula Kuitenbrouwer