Articles on Delicious Old-Fashioned Graphite Pencils

blogheader2.jpgOn our way from the UK to the Netherlands, before boarding the ferry in Hull, we drove past Derwent Street, which made me realise that Derwent is British. Of course, I knew this for a long time, but with Brexit looming, it made me realise that my favourite pencils will increase in price due to post-Brexit tariffs. Some will deny this, but the UK will never get a better trade deal than it has now.

Having arrived home happily, I read two articles on the BBC news on pencils, which I like to mention for my (coloured) pencil art friends.

The article titled ‘Have we all underrated the humble pencil?‘ shows a lovely photo of the oldest known pencil in the world, found in a timbered house built in 1630. The other article reports on the ancient pencil war between the German Staedtler and Faber-Castell, two other much loved and used pencils.

I have no article on Luminance, the Swiss made richly pigmented pencils by Caran d’Ache, but I need to mention these as I have used them with much pleasure. Recently, I needed a very good gold pencil and wasn’t happy with what the above brands offered. Sybille Kramer, my Italian art friend, came to the rescue by sending me the best gold coloured pencil that I have ever used, which is a Neu Jolly Superstick Kinderfest.

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