Appreciation, Reviews, and Succulent Drawing in the Making

Etsy sent to me a notification that I was advised to share. Apparently, I’ve earned 30 five-star reviews on Etsy, which delights me. I remember that I started with a too proud attitude and limited myself to freehand drawing. Now, being older and wiser, I find more satisfaction in drawing commissions. There is so much pleasure in receiving a photo of my drawing beautifully framed in a house somewhere far away. Building work based on a creative skill takes decades.

Etsy 5 star

After drawing ‘Praising Plants’, which was sold in no time, I decided to continue with botanical themes. ‘Ode to All Oak Trees‘ followed soon after and currently I am working on a drawing with succulents. It is such fun because I like succulent plants. Not only because they look cute but also because they can weather me, that is, my lack of knowledge of how to take care of house plants. Succulents seem to be ‘Paula Proof’ and grow and bloom regardless of too much or too little sun, water or love. I have some very moody plants too; they communicate with greater urgency because they have large green leaves and are therefore depend more acutely on the right amount of sun and water. When they drop their leaves, I spring into action, but a good home plant caretaker would give water before they scream for hydration. Sorry, sorry. They do not die on me, so don’t worry.

Succulents Work in Progress on Arches Paper
Succulents Work in Progress on Arches Paper

I hope to gain more 5 star reviews as I keep on expanding my portfolio on Etsy. Should you have a favourite plant and you would love to have a creative design-drawing of it, contact me at

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