Celtic Inspired Art Card


img_5859-1My Celtic inspired Illusion-Fusion ‘Horses, Hares & Swans’ art card is now available at Etsy.  I am still in such admiration for Iron Age Celtic artwork. It combines shape-shifting illusions with geometrical and decorative designs in a way that dazzles me. You see circles and rotating designs in which faces appear and disappear; in which animal forms materialize and disappear again. As if the viewer goes through a shamanistic consciousness changing experience.  The questions and challenges surrounding Celtic art and the fun of experimenting with blending animals, shapes, and forms keeps me busy.

Paula Kuitenbrouwer

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6 thoughts on “Celtic Inspired Art Card

  1. A great creation for wild birds to nest!!! I am wondering if there are any heavy branches hidden in among all the brush and leaf debris for the birds to stabilize their nest; otherwise, a strong wind might blow everything apart. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dear Lois,
      I don’t know whether birds would use this hotel as a nesting site. But I can picture some birds crawling under the roof tiles to hide away for a storm. It is a solid structure and a joy to study close-up. An insect paradise. 💛

  2. I figure my wood piles offer a home to whatever wants to live in them, but this is definitely more attractive. I like seeing your Celtic inspired creations, and like the Sashiko patterns and inspirations too.

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