I followed a history course on the Celts and enjoyed learning more about Celtic Art. What I highly appreciated about Celtic art is that one can find different themes in one display of art. Hidden faces, different animals, or stylized motifs, all are woven together in a complex piece of art.

For Christmas, Yule or Midwinter, I drew a stag and used his curvy antlers to add birds to the scene. Hopefully you will be able to count 34 of them.

There is nothing intrinsic Celtic about this drawing, except the idea of having animals as a theme, fusing  them, and thus showing a process of shape-shifting. Or perhaps alluding to perceiving more than one perspective?

What do you see? Antlers or birds? Are the eyes and ears of the stag eyes and ears or birds? Or both? If so, what does that tell us about our perception?

My art card comes as a printed photo on a recycle paper, with a matching envelope. Its inlay is a full colour print on creamy white. A sticker with my name and website decorates the back. The card comes with a sticker seal and a vintage post stamp, Christian, Pagan or Fine Classical Arts themed. In one of the photos you see a  lovely Glastonbury Thorn vintage post stamp.

For more go to my Etsy.

I have added 4 of these cards to my shop. They come in protective cellophane and make lovely gifts.


Paula Kuitenbrouwer

@ mindfuldrawing on Instagram

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