Moving from Country to Country

On the left a dried Physalis, strong and fragile. On the right, a ball of trimmed hair, also strong and fragile. Every spring, I offer our garden birds some trimmed hair to use as bedding to line their nests. (Yes, some of our baby garden birds have very luxurious baby-beds). After a storm, I found left-over hair woven in to a ball, hollow on the inside. It amazed me.

Wasn’t it Kahlil Gibran saying the wind likes to play with hair? I interpreted Gibran’s remark as poetry but after founding this beautifully woven ball, I thought; ‘That wasn’t a poetic line, that is a description of an observation’.

During our international move, I kept three items on my desk; my sketchbook, an embroidery hoop, and an inspirational book on Asian art. I managed to pack two bags with creative essentials to travel with us. I wouldn’t know what to do without them.

When you move house, or you move from country to country, you become a slave of your possessions, which I think is horrible and almost shamefull. You have to deal with deadlines that can’t be ignored because a whole chain of events counts on your reliability. Despite the hard work, you need to sleep and eat well and stay fit, which is impossible. How can one stay upbeat when one is lived by possession, deadlines and exhausting long days? For me the answer is sitting down for short moments and focus on creativity. Even if it is only leafing through a sketchbook, or remembering your creative projects. That energizes.

If you are, like me, interested in Japanese art, in textile crafting, in Japanese aesthetics, and indigo blue is one of your favourite colours, the chance you come across Sashiko is pretty high. And thus, a new adventure begins.

Keeping you posted!


P.S. We have left Ireland. We sailed away on a fine day. The Irish Sea was smooth and we thoroughly enjoyed arriving in Wales. The mountains of Snowdonia looked amazing. We arrived home and were met with such love and joy. It gave us energy to get back on track as soon as possible.

9 thoughts on “Moving from Country to Country

  1. Paula, these two non similar items from nature have so much in common: They are both have hollow centers and are very delicate. I like your story. I remove the soft lint from the filter in our dryer and offer it the birds for their nest building. Often I will spot the lint particles in a nest I find on our property.. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Such beautiful and delicate objects! I am glad that creativity is a focus point in the stress of your move. I did the same, I had a bag of creative stuff ready when I moved house five years ago. Hope you get settled soon!

    1. Thank you, Judy. We will get settled soon. Setting up my studio is last on the list. Should I prioritize it, I won’t organize the kitchen or wardrobes. Setting up my studio is THE reward for all hard work. Thank you for staying in contact! 💛

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