Tufted Duck Embroidery


Remember the lino print that I made recently? Perching Ducks 4It was inspired by observing a Tufted duck couple. Although the stylized style is new to me and not often practiced by me, I enjoyed playing with the intertwining lines. In fact, I enjoyed it so much (it felt positively Celtic) that I copied my drawing and set up an embroidery design.

My preening ducks keep me busy. What wing part is from the right sided duck and what from the left? Nobody knows and that I find the most charming part of this design.

My duckish ambitions haven’t acted out completely and I foresee more playing around with these lovely ducks. In fact, the next embroidery is in the making, as you can see. (By the way, Tufted ducks aren’t green. The male is black-white and the female brown. They have darn cute, large and round shaped heads with a charming tuft).



One thought on “Tufted Duck Embroidery

  1. I love it šŸ™‚ The colors are beautiful and I like the ambiguity between where each duck ends with the other. I’m glad your Celtic studies are inspiring your creations.

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