One Line A Day Book

Dear Reader,

A few years ago I started keeping a record of all outgoing letters, postcards, gifts and Christmas/Yule cards. I recenty lost my postal notebook which puts you at a risk of receiving the same postcards twice, making you think that my aging process has sped up considerably.

I began recording outgoing post some years ago when we were moving house around Christmas time. This caused an untimely extra load of work which led to a bunch of good friends receiving two Christmas/Yule cards and others nothing. (One can only execute so much perfect logistics).

Luckily, I found a cute, pink ‘Mum’ gift in Avoca the other day. In this book you pen down one line a day for 5 years. I have tried that before and failed. However, knowing the layout of this book, I thought it might be perfect for listing outgoing post. The bonus of this book is that I see what I have sent a year, two years, even 5 years ago, assuming that I won’t aloose this cute, greyish-pink outsourced part of my equally pink-greyish brain.

So, dear friends, should you receive the same gift, the same post-card, the same booklet from me, rest assured, I haven’t lost too many neurosynapses and I will be back on track soon.

Do you keep track of your outgoing post? I advise you to do so as it is a fun thing to do. Add to this the complete failure of social media to stay in contact with friends without being hacked, targeted, or influenced by political, power and money-hungry data-companies and we all realise that returning to our beloved ink-pens and (preferably personalised) stationary is not only wise but also joyful.



2 thoughts on “One Line A Day Book

  1. I wish I could say I am nearly as thoughtful as you are with cards and such. Anyone on the receiving end, including myself, should be grateful to be included, whether duplicates or not. Thanks! Wishing you the best in your new home too!

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  2. My list of Christmas card is not that long, so I don’t need to keep a record. But I love the idea of writing a line every day for several years. I write in my diary a few words about what the day was like, I have several diaries now and they are nice mementos.


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