You must have heard about how unhealthy a sedentary lifestyle is. ‘Sitting is the new smoking’, apparently. Health statistics do not improve enough, on the contrary! There is an obesity crisis and sitting 8 hours per day looking at your screen is seen as one of the main contributors. ‘We sit ourselves to death’, is said.

I tend to agree because I feel that sitting slows me down, although I am the kind of person who constantly takes a break from sitting but doing small home keeping tasks between studying, writing, drawing, reading and embroidery. I fill up the washing machine, pour tea, provide our garden birds with sun seeds, and run in panic outside to hand over the waste bins. But this isn’t enough and thus I have ordered the above standing working station. It is made of bamboo and it looks nice.

How will this change my work? Which tasks will I do standing and which sitting? Would I be able to write while standing as Medieval monks working on their illuminated manuscripts? (Over) weight will disappear without going to the gym or minding your food intake, such is promised. Shall I keep you posted on my new working station and how I will find a new way of working?

How do you work? Have you acted on the ‘standing is healthy’ message? I am eager to learn how artists work out their standing-sitting balance.


P.S. I have ordered it at Aliexpress.  It is made of bamboo and shipping was free. It just takes a few weeks to arrive. I will stand next to our mailbox in our garden, waiting patiently.



3 thoughts on “Standing!

  1. That desk stand looks great! I tend to paint standing, I never thought about it. Maybe I need the distance to my work. But for detailed work I have to sit down. And while the watercolour paint is drying I do household chores like you.

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    1. I never thought about it too but I noticed some time ago an initiative by Making a Mark (art website) about breaking with the sedentary lifestyle of artists. There was an initiative for forming groups that would combine walking with outdoor sketching.

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