On my desk…

Are you, like me, still trying to put 2005 resolutions into effect? Having confessed this, I am never behind with reading. I have always read and I never have stopped reading. Which books are currently on my desk? Well, study books, leisure books and life-style books.

My study books are related to my course ‘Who were the Celts’, at Oxford Department for Continuing Education and these books are hugely interesting. Academic books are worlds that take you on a journey. You find yourself updated, upgraded and transformed when you close them. You work yourself through decades of academic research which is a luxury. I didn’t have to become an archeologist to read about latest findings! Many well-educated archeologists are getting their hands and knees dirty from working at digging sites and I can comfortably sit in a lazy chair and read about their findings.

The Quest of the Shaman by Miranda Green is next on my list and also I am trying to find some answers in ‘Farming in the Iron Age’. The books by Barry Cunliffe were essential to the Celtic course and are now full with scribbles and notes that I used for writing the required two essays for passing the course. I am a huge fan of studying at Oxford Department for Continuing Education (ODCE).

Although I have gained inspiration for months and months ahead by studying the Celts, I am already eyeing the next course at ODCE.

For leisure I have read about Beatrix Potter, a lovely and beautiful book given by a kind friend. This books isn’t about our youth-time favourite bunnies but about the artist and her artwork goes well beyond her successful children’s books.

My father and I read in ‘Historopedia, the Story of Ireland from Then till Now’ during Christmas. The ‘now’ doesn’t interest me much, the ‘then’ all the more.

And yes, I have fallen prey to all those pretty, small leisure books with tidbits of pleasurable wisdom: Hygge, Lykke, Lagom, Ikigai & currently Simplicite. They fit in your handbag and can be read anywhere and at any time.

‘Indoor Edible Garden’ is one of my ambitions. I am growing sprouts and micro-greens and I am learning a lot! I can now feed the family 2-3 rounds of self-grown vegetables per week, which is such pleasure because I know they haven’t been sprayed with pesticides.

Drawing and painting? Certainly. The creative well never dries up.  However, 2018 is a sabbatical year for study and for working on long-term plans. That is what ancient studies do to me; they make me think in longer stretches of time.

What about you? What are your plans for a creative 2018? What is your current favourite book?

Stay happy & healthy,


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