Be Creative

Are you bitten by the sewing, knitting, embroidery or pattern/fabric hunting bug? Good! You are a healthy person, probably detoxing from our crazy digital obsessions, probably in search for peace of mind, aiming to slow down or for crafting yourself through an inspirational or difficult period in your life. Go on! Don’t stop. But take it slow and although you desire to become more skilled and professional, maybe even starting a new hobby-turned-into-paid-job, enjoy all the steps along the way. Take it slow and take a mindful break when you hit an obstacle; learn from your mistakes. Mistakes are treasures. They tell you that you have to be more focussed and thus tell you something about your mind…where was it wondering to? Mistakes might point out to a need for better tools or equipment, a bit of tutoring, a leaning-moment or boredom. Whatever mistakes tell you, they tell you something valuable.

Next to enjoying mistakes, immerse yourself in the world of crafts. Televisions, computer-screens and smartphones are energy depleting devises and also devises of mass distraction. Fabric, colours, paint, clay, a desk that invites you to sit down and do some sewing or needling, seem to do exactly the opposite, they provide you with energy. Some time ago is was en voque to show on Instagram your Etsy-desk. Which led to craters showing neat Ikea-styleroom like crafts centres in their house. Yes, these studio-selfies were inspirational, but those who stood out the most were messy desks, where you could witness that inspiration took over.

Being creative is so rewarding and at times frustrating and, looking back, often embarrassing. But put all your crafts and artworks in a visual portfolio, a timeline and you feel it radiates energy. Have I made all that, have I done that? Yes, you have. Your progression is the best feedback ever.

We raise our children, take care of our parents, pets, jobs, homes and gardens, but that small or somewhat bigger moment devoted to your creativity is not only good, it is energizing, healing and fulfilling.

Don’t take up 10 projects, that is too much multitasking. About 2 or 3 is enough to avoid Repetitive strain injury (RSI). Take it slow, enjoy your mistakes, and create a visual portfolio. Allow yourself to grow. Some stay within one theme, skill or studio, others venture into trying out different crafts. Crafting is food for the soul.

Paula at and @mindfuldrawing on Instagram

Embroidery pattern of Mandarin Ducks soon available at my Etsy and shop.

8 thoughts on “Be Creative

  1. What a strangely coincidental post. I’ve been craving knitting time. Longing to sit with wool and woolgather. You have spurred me on! Thanks, Paula. Time to (gack) sit in front of the screen on and find a pattern that’s not too challenging but not too easy, either.

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  2. Paula, I so support your theory on healthy and creative projects. Here is my list: They give a purpose to one’s life, help the brain cells to grow, gives basis for developing interesting topic discussions when having a conversation with friends and acquaintances, sharing one’ adventures into creativity also brings people closer when they have the same interests to share. Starting out on the first creative project will lead to another, the fun never stops. There are many reasons for adventuring outside the box for creativity fun projects. There are lots of opportunities in the arts (painting, drawing, photographing, sewing, handwork, acting, music and writing) to express oneself.

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    1. Indeed, Lois, but painting and drawing are my favourites. But painting with yarn is nice too as one can continue while socializing. After the busy holidays, a new white sheet or canvas awaits me.
      Merry Christmas, Joyful Yule & Wonderful Mid-Winter to you!

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        1. Well, it feels like painting with yarn, slow-embroidery. Very slow. It is much slower than painting or drawing, which is probably why it works like a meditative for me. It is not even ‘inching your way’, especially not when you mix colours and add metallic colours to give it depth and shine.
          Anyway…it keeps me calm and busy.
          Many thanks for your lovely comments!
          Happy Holidays to you and your family. 🎄

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