Thank you, Art-Loving-Friends

This blog post is about Christmas/Yule gifts (coupon), Creativity and Creative Friends. Enjoy the links that I attach and I welcome you to re-blog. Spread a bit of Creative Love. img_8857

Left: Art Cards by Inez Kuyt & Sybille Kramer as well as my re-usable address labels.

Have a look at Inez Kuyt’s art. It is so enjoyable and if you need something something (Dutch) Gezellig, or in Danish Hygge, or in German Gemütlich, or in English something Cozy, you will find it at Inez’s studio.

There is Linda Hensley, stead fast creative to the core. As well as Sybille Kramer. Sybille is unstoppable and venturing into textile design and bookmaking. Enjoy having a look at Liliya new Facebook shop; it makes you feel like walking in a white beech forest, trees decorated with silver treasures. You can find Linda, Sybille and Liliya by clicking on their names.

Lois records her walks on her blog and it is such join to walk with her. Pop over to her blog. There is no comment section, Lois just wants you to enjoy her nature diary. Talking cozy, Josh Moll is filling our world with cosy wollen clothing. By the way, I think Josh has secretly cloned herself, I can’t believe one person making so much woolen clothing. Josh is amazingly productive!

I like to show you my Instagram. It gives you a quick overview of photos of my work and work-in-progress. Having said this, I am planning a social media free 2018. I have a few projects that need intense focus and will demand long period of time. My blog will stay operational as it has such loyal and kind followers, which I like to thank very much.


One way of doing that is letting you know that till the 3rd of December my shop has a discount coupon available, named MIDWINTER2017. It Offers 10% off when you spend US$25, which means that all originals come down in price. There are also a few prints available for 10 Euros. These prints won’t return to my shop in 2018 as I will sell mostly originals.

A very kind greeting to Michael at Me and the Boss, Luanne at Writersite, Jamie at In to the Bardo,  Michael at Dreaming the World, Bridget at Bridgetcameron, and Malvika at malvikajaswal.

Stay happy!


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