Mid-Winter, Yule or Christmas Gift

Here is my idea; if you buy my book at Amazon (Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.it, Amazon.jp, Amazon.fr), I will reward you with a second book plus a few of my lovely Holly gift tags. Or if you prefer, my Feng Shui mini prints. One book you might like to keep; the other you will love to send to a friend as a Christmas gift. I have 4 books available ‘Birds, Butterflies, Fish & Botany’ for this offer.🎄🦌🎄

Promoting your book is really hard. It feels like nagging. But I know you will be happy with my booklet. It has generated a few 5-star reviews on Amazon.com, Amazon.it, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de. and that says something. It says that people are happy focusing on art, nature and mindfulness.

I especially like a remark made by a reviewer. She says that my booklet will be much appreciated by those who can’t venture out in nature (the ill, old, or temporarily city-bound people) and are in need for nature’s beneficial influence. I like that, because such remark confirms to me a circle of events. I venture out in nature and bring something home, a piece of wood, a feather, an impression or a photo of mushrooms. In my studio you will find buckets with old, dry wood covered with lichen, shells, feathers, and a few bones found on the beach or in woodlands. In other words, I take in nature and its inspiration leads to my drawings and the stories in ‘Birds, Butterflies, Fish and Botany’. Upon reading my booklet, readers experience nature and feel like they have been in nature. Such feedback makes me very happy and I hope this happiness is circular too.

Take care! And take care of the birds. I do year-round feeding and not a day passes without me enjoying our gang of feathery visitors.






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