Holly or Ilex aquifolium

I appreciate Holly very much because I understand its attraction. In the middle of a cold, bare winter, there is a happy green bush yielding lovely, bright red berries. In past times being without electricity, light, central heating and experiencing hardship and grey, dark days, this green bush was an eye catcher. Even for me now, despite the luxuries of the 21st century, Holly holds this attraction. It whispers to me; ‘I am colourful during the winter. I keep your spirits high and hope doesn’t dwindle if you surround your house with me or bring me in to decorate your hearths’.

Holly is Ilex. Or Evergreen. What name do you use? Why do you like Holly? Or maybe you don’t?



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10 thoughts on “Holly or Ilex aquifolium

      1. Paula, holly has always been a challenge for me to paint; the leaves forever look artificial so I don’t select it as a festive decoration on cards. If you do somethings well, stick with it. You have a knack for arranging the holly sprigs into a great composition. Good to hear from you, Paula.

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          1. I am sorry, and thank you for your inquiry. Yes, I did eliminate it from my blog for possibly the time being. I found that with my daily activities plus spending time painting and writing, I could not spend quality time replying to viewers comments. I felt too much of my valuable time (I’m in the fourth quarter of my life) was spent on the internet.
            Right now, my painting projects are involved creating small watercolor journal books of my favorite scenes on the island. At the same time I have started painting my own interpretation of biblical messages into religious Icons out of a variety of mediums and materials.
            I really enjoyed your last post of Celtic symbols you have created. I have to tell you, I invested in the Book of Kells (It’s beautiful) for ideas to add in my Icons. Keep in touch


          2. Lois, It sounds perfectly sensible to me. At one time, I closed down comments too and perhaps I should do it again.
            But please know that I still look at your lovely blog and I hope you will keep your viewers updated on your creative adventures.

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