Yule, Originals & Birds

Lots to share with you. I am going to make it visual with few texts.

First of all, there are now many originals in my Etsy and www.paulaartshop.com shop. Here are my Goldfinches, feeding in Thistle seeds and nearby is a Vanessa cardui who needs thistles as host plants. Plant, bird and butterfly are thus related.

Here are my Autumn Tree Fruits. Original is for sale. The piece of driftwood is beautifully bleached.

Next, my Hoopoe parent with 3 cheeky juveneils should fly out to a new owner. Hoopoes are Israel’s National Bird.

My Wood ducks, also Carolina ducks are about to nest. Nearby your house? Perhaps in your home?

And my Collared Doves are a perfect Wedding or Engagement gift. Seldom has a bird with dull colours captured the hearts of so many. Apparently you don’t need Wood duck’s magnificent plumage or Hoopoe’s beautiful crest to become a symbol of love. Doesn’t that give you hope?

Tuscany, in oil. Small board panel. Fixative applied. Still, never expose it to direct sunlight.

This it is for now, but there is more soon.

I hope you all are splendidly well. We are and we are still enjoying Ireland and looking forward to Halloween, Yule and Christmas. Not the commercialized and watered-down Halloween and Christmas eat-rest cliche, but a meaningful time in which we dive deep into what Halloween, Yule and Christmas once symbolized.

Stay happy & healthy!


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