Feng Shui & Holly Small Cards

I have worked on the 5 Elements of Feng Shui, of Taoism, so to say: Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth. I loved working on them as they asked for an interesting, visual attractive and symbolic interpretation from my part.


I also worked on small notebook, journal or diary cards of my various Holly drawings. Apparently I have something with Holly. But I am not alone. Holly has a strong cultural resonance. We use it as Christmas decorations since Victorian times. During pagan times it was customary to bring holly boughs in to decorate the house. Holly was a powerful fertility symbol and protected your family against ill-fortunes. As is said, Holy planted near a home helps to repel poison and protect a farm or home from lightening. As much as it is used to protect against lightning outside our homes, at Yule tide, we bring Holy in to our homes to remind us that trees are green and that the green will return after Yule when the darker days grow shorter.


Beautifully detailed 5 Elements of Fire, Wood, Metal, Earth and Water, artistically interpreted and printed op Eason Ivory or White Linen Card, 260 gsm paper. Five cards. Or a multiple of 5 cards. Size 9 by 9 cm, that is about 3.5 /3.5 inches. These circular compositions show exquisite details and skill. They are engaging, invite exploring your ideas about what are elements, what do they represent and which role do they play in your life. Are they in balance in your life, in your home, in your work-place?

Water: Paula has drawn a cut through that shows water in a pond. As water is so minimal visible, it is the lotus growing in the lotus pond that shows indirectly water.

Wood: Again Paula used a cut through, showing the growth rings, representing wood. Counting the growth rings of a tree is a way to tell how old a tree is.

Earth: Next to a cut-through that shows soil and dirt layers, Paula shows how we use dirt since prehistoric times, to make ceramics and to built stone walls. This is a solid drawing representing the grounding and soil character of earth.

Fire: There are flames in this drawing, in one of its outer rings, but Paula used the fiery petals of red tulips to present the fire element, its passion and dominant red colour.

Metal: Paula shows a metal and beautiful teapot with white-washed and golden decorated tea cups. This drawing is done with Derwent metallic coloured pencils using Bronze, Gold and Silver. It works: prints shows a metallic shine that communicated the metallic element. Frame this drawing with metallic frame and its crisp white background works effectively.

I loved doing some notebooking with the Element Cards, indexing their colour range.

Stay well, stay happy & healthy.



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