Albino Mandarin Ducks

You would be surprised how many colours I have used to draw this Albino Mandarin Duck Couple. Original drawing; one available only. 8/10 inches. At

ORIGINAL DRAWING of an Albino or White Mandarin Duck Couple (Aix galericulata) at

Affordable art series.

Mandarin Ducks are colourful ducks. Having said that, take their colour away and you still have outstanding beautiful ducks. They symbolize loyalty and love. 💖💚❤️In Feng Shui it is said that having Mandarin Ducks in your home (painting or picture) attracts love and loyalty. And why not? When guests come in, they notice this picture of love and loyalty and that is subtly stored in their minds and hearts. They don’t see a print with one object, but with two birds that love each other for life.

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