Notebook Need

Where ever I go, my notebook goes with me. Its aestethics is important to me; my notebook is made of faux leather (vegan, I hope), it has brown and white sub-notebooks inside, and a bamboo pen goes well with it. Inside are my name & business cards, decorated with ‘Birds, Butterflies, Fish & Botany’ 😉.

My notebook contains to-do lists decorated with Japanese origami stickers and paper, ideas for essays drawings, paintings, and sketches.

When I was a teenager, there was only one kind of notebook available.  Classroom girls all had the same notebook, with different colours but all with a worthless mini lock and a mini-key. Now, in our digital age, there are so many different ones, made for different needs and for a wide range of personalities.

Remember it was said that the computer would make our desks book-, snail-mail- and paper-less? No such thing happened. On the contrary! We still have way too many books; we buy newspapers and we have sketching, drawing, Japanese, Korean, decorative, packing and so much other paper; there is more instead of less.

Do you have a notebook? How do you use it? To inspire others or to act out inspiration? To digital detox? As a memoirs for your children or for yourself?


4 thoughts on “Notebook Need

  1. I have SO many notebooks. Some are for writing drafts because I like doing first drafts by hand. I keep 2 in my purse – one for noting interesting things I read, quotes ‘n’ such like; the other for thoughts that pop into my head and might make a good poem, story, or blog post. I compulsively buy more notebooks and consequently have a stash in an old picnic basket waiting for the right project, or when I fill up the current “draft” notebook. I think your faux leather book is beautiful and I like the look of your pen, too.


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