Inviting Book Stars or Reviews

Dear Reader,

Summery: My booklet needs some stars (or reviews). I am happy with it having stars. No need to write an extensive review. Stars say a lot! 

November 2016, I published ‘Bird, Butterflies, Fish & Botany’. My booklet is now available online on most bookselling sites. Given your nature  and art loving side and my booklet being about nature musings, I thought it might be of interest to you.

‘Bird, Butterflies, Fish & Botany’ is a sweet and beautiful booklet that shows 24 of my artwork along with 13 short elucidating stories. It narrates many nature meditations. Leslie Darlington advised me on the lay-out and Blurb, the publishing company, helped with editing. It is a neat book, a perfect gift for bird-lovers, botany-admirers, butterfly chasers, tree huggers in general.

It is on Barns & Noble, Waterstones, Bookdepository,,, Go to these bookselling sites and google Paula Kuitenbrouwer: ISBN-10: 1366428781 ISBN-13: 978-1366428783

“Paula’s passion for drawing nature has resulted in a booklet containing her artwork and a collection of texts that show the process and the ideas behind her drawings and paintings”.

My book is less than 20 Euro’s/Dollars, including shipping. To thank you for ordering my book online (the only person being allowed to write a review is the person ordering my booklet online), I will send you a Registered Art Print of my Mandarin Ducks. Let me know via the (below) contact form about your willingness to review and ordering of my book, and do add your address so I can have my Mandarin Duck couple flying to your home.

Please, inform me of your having ordered my book, so that can send the Mandarin Duck print to you. It comes beautifully wrapped in vintage packing paper; you can use it as a gift. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,
Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Here are the links to my booklet:


Barns & Noble


Print will arrive in vintage wrapping paper with an old post stamp.



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