Ex Libris


Expect a good deal of Ex Libris fun here as I embark on making more ink-graphite Ex Libris designs. This one holds classic motifs: a stack of books, a name banner and the tree of life. I filled the border with tiny leaves and dangling drops of wisdom (tree leaves). The roots seem to embrace wisdom stored in the pile of books.

Free download this design, print it on quality paper, put your name in the white banner, and enjoy dressing up your precious books.

Ex Libris Free Dowload

Commission me for your personal Ex Libris, with your name and your favourite bookplate motifs. See contact form or visit my Etsy.







7 thoughts on “Ex Libris

    1. Thank-you, thank-you, thank you. Or like the Irish say; ‘Thanks a million’.
      Please, inform me about your favourite Ex Libris motifs and I will try to make an Ex Libris that charms you even more. (No skulls please, I like more subtle hints to express the transience of life) 😉

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