Inspiring Creativity


I’m happy to report that my booklet is doing well. I have 5 available at 15 Euros including shipping. Mail me at if you like to receive it via Paypal. It will come in a nicely decorated envelope.


I like to show its title and cover in detail, yet I like my book also to look as gift. Hence the very nice wrapping paper that I bought at Avoca.


I love the weeks before Christmas, Hanukkah or Yule as my artists friends and  I exchange  postcards. It is inspiring to see their creativity. Here are Sybille’s and Debbie’s cards; full colour and, of course, beautifully handmade. I keep them for years.


At Blurb, Etsy and at Paula Art Shop, I have now the option to buy a print and my booklet with one click. My art shop has a direct check out, setting up an account  is not needed.

If you like to receive a postcard by me as well as my name card with information about my book; mail me at I will be happy to send to you a lovely decorated envelope, like Sybille and Debbie have sent me.

Isn’t it nice how your mailbox, at Christmas, becomes a surprise box? Instead of boring advertisements you find colourful envelopes with your handwritten name. There are stickers, stamps and small doodles on the envelope. When you open it, colours burst out and you hold a card that expresses human warmth, creativity and a reassurance that handmade still exists and hasn’t been crushed by digitization. Bravo for handmade cards.




Discussions are welcome. Thanks for your comments. Gracias por tu comentario. Merci pour vos commentaires. Grazie per i vostri commenti. Obrigado pelo seu comentário.

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