Just Sharing Free Gifts and Discount Book

I like to share Alisha Gratehouse’s blogpost. It is such wonderful post supporting and honouring the creative work, shops and adventures of 35+ home-school mothers, retired or still in function. Alisha has put so much effort and kindness in to writing this post. She has published not only photos of artwork, jewellery, soaps and introduced at least 35 shops, she writes also about how much love and dedication goes in to handmade arts and crafts. “When I purchase something from a handmade business, it feels so good to know that I am helping a mom or dad make ends meet, or buy clothes or school supplies, or pay for piano/art/dance lessons, or an athletic program for their child(ren)“, Alisha states.

Pop over to her blog and see how creative home-school mothers are. We know that already, don’t we? How else are you able to provide your kids with engaging education, a learning environment within a family home and enough resources to inspire a family to keep up this wonderful educational and adventurous lifestyle?


Alisha’s Blogpost is here.


Next. My booklet has different prizes because of currency rates, shipping costs and discounts. If you live in the USA, visit Blurb. If you live in Europe, buy my booklet at me or at www.paulaartshop.com for a fixed price.

Or at me, currently for 15 Euros, including shipping, at mindfuldrawing@gmail.com.

Thank you & enjoy!






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