My latest book


Birds, Butterflies, Fish and Botany: the Beautiful Natural World by Paula Kuitenbrouwer

About the Book

Paula Kuitenbrouwer holds an M.A. in Philosophy and she paints the beauty of the natural world. ‘Birds, Butterflies, Fish and Botany; the Beautiful Natural World’ shows a selection of Paula’s artwork with engaging and illustrative short stories. Paula’s work helps you to see the natural world in depth and in its finest detail. Reading this book is like visiting Paula’s studio in which she guides you through many aspects of her work. Paula narrates her nature meditations and observations or explains the symbolic composition of her drawings. Creatively she educates you on nature’s remarkable intelligence. After reading this lively book, you feel enchanted and engaged as if following a visit to an art gallery. For Paula, painting and writing is a deep meditation; nature is her muse, her spiritual and artistic inspiration. ‘Birds, Butterflies, Fish and Botany; the Beautiful Natural World’ contains about 13 pieces of enjoyable texts and 24 highly detailed and full-colour artwork.

P.S. By the way, Liliya, Sybille, Linda and Andrea are not allowed to buy the book for ….Christmas reasons.

Available at Blurb, Etsy, Paula’s Art Shop and Paula at Unless you are in the USA, you better order at me as I buy my booklets with discounts. Including shipping: 15 Euros, at




3 thoughts on “My latest book

  1. Dear Paula, woooooooow!!! I’m so excited for you! A book is something great, a wonderful project, like a kind of “baby”! Can’t wait to hold it in my hands. Makes me very happy for you! ❤


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