Paula’s Art Shop

Why not say hello to my birds, butterflies, fish and botany at Pattern? Pattern is a version of Etsy that offers you to buy arts, prints and cards without setting up a buyers account. I think that you, like me, have grown weary of websites that demand you filling in personal information, accept cookies and bombard you with newsletters and advertisements. Let’s see how Pattern works; I certainly will let you know. I have set up a domain name that is easy to remember:  paula + art + shop and then followed by the usual .com.

Paula’s Art Shop

It that the only thing I have done lately? Oh no. I’ve been working on a book on which I will report more soon. I am also working on a few commissions and I have added lots of drawings and paintings to my shops and I have printed a promotional card (Blue Ceramics with Irish Beach Stones and Zebra Cacti) that I can send to you if you are one of my loyal blog visitors. (Mail me!)

Stillife with postcards

Also, I had an interesting commission to work on: ‘Mandarin Ducks with an orange background’. To be honest, I was apprehensive. An orange background?  I set out to explore adding a bright background and when I had done the job, my family and I were very pleased. It works and I think it is because the mandarin ducks are exotic, suggesting a rich Indian sunset or Asian sunny glow works very well. I like to hear what you think of it.

Orange Mandarin Duck Print

For now, enjoy November! I do, for sure. Ireland has autumn colours, you wouldn’t believe it. The Irish woodlands are full large oak-trees, light blue and grey lichen and the most awesome autumn colours.

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10 thoughts on “Paula’s Art Shop

  1. I saw Mandarin ducks at a garden in Nanjing, China and couldn’t stop staring at them, they were so lovely. I think the orange (Mandarin orange?) works well. Your work is gorgeous!

    I found your blog thanks to Luanne who has a knack for ferreting out the most interesting bloggers.


    1. Thank you, Susanne. I lately saw Wood-ducks, also named Carolina ducks, for the first time, and indeed, like you, I couldn’t take my eyes from them. They are mesmerizing beautiful. My wood-ducks and my mandarin ducks are swimming in my Etsy shop pond. The mandarin ducks with the orange background too. Yes, that orange background did work out well. I will try to attach images, but I have never done this before, so maybe it will become a mess. 🙂 If not, click the links to Etsy to have a duck pond tour. Hope to meet you here again and I will have a look at your blog too. Kindest greetings! Links: Orange Background Mandarin Ducks. Wood-ducks/Carolina ducks. Mandarin Ducks, white background. Mandarin Ducks Orange Background Wood-ducks

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