Paula’s Art Shop

Paula’s art shop is at or Paula’s Art Shop

Stillife with postcards







10 thoughts on “Paula’s Art Shop

  1. I saw Mandarin ducks at a garden in Nanjing, China and couldn’t stop staring at them, they were so lovely. I think the orange (Mandarin orange?) works well. Your work is gorgeous!

    I found your blog thanks to Luanne who has a knack for ferreting out the most interesting bloggers.


    1. Thank you, Susanne. I lately saw Wood-ducks, also named Carolina ducks, for the first time, and indeed, like you, I couldn’t take my eyes from them. They are mesmerizing beautiful. My wood-ducks and my mandarin ducks are swimming in my Etsy shop pond. The mandarin ducks with the orange background too. Yes, that orange background did work out well. I will try to attach images, but I have never done this before, so maybe it will become a mess. 🙂 If not, click the links to Etsy to have a duck pond tour. Hope to meet you here again and I will have a look at your blog too. Kindest greetings! Links: Orange Background Mandarin Ducks. Wood-ducks/Carolina ducks. Mandarin Ducks, white background. Mandarin Ducks Orange Background Wood-ducks

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