Glastonbury Art Study


On my easel:  a large art study of Glastonbury, Somerset, England.  Copyright Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Glastonbury is a lot. It is a neolithic site, a pagan site, and place of worship for Christians. It is also a focus point for those who love the Arthur Legend, remarkable landscape features, mythology and astronomy. There is a respectable list of male gods or holy man associated to this place: Herne the Hunter, Christ (as a young boy), Joseph of Arimathea and King Arthur. Glastonbury is also very much a sacred feminine place where people who believe Maria Magdalena as well as Genevieve were buried, visit Glastonbury’s Chalice and White well and notice the lay-out of the former island. In fact, this place is so densely filled with stories and beliefs because Nature’s energy and beauty is so tangible there. People of all religions and backgrounds feel attracted such places; many of them are ambitious to ‘claim’ it. glastonbury-white

I have drawn a study that has many of Glastonbury’s famous features. The  former Avalon’ island’ with its Tor, the feminine ground plan of Avalon, the two wells, Glastonbury hawthorn -as is said- was planted by Joseph or Arimathea, the landscape zodiac discovered by the artist Katherine Maltwood in 1934, Herne the Hunter God, and last but not least, the name and French symbol of Maria. In the front of the island, stand Glastonbury Cathedral ruins and in front of that I have drawn a Hawthorn branch. On the branch rests a Peacock butterfly.

I have chosen a butterfly as a center-piece. Butterflies symbolize transformation. When people visit shrines or holy places or go on a pilgrimage, they wish to undergo a personal or spiritual transformation. Often this transformation happens and as a consequence pilgrims tell others about their visit to holy mountains, holy wells, or caves. These narratives lead to even more expectations, visits and significance of places where Nature manifests herself in a profound way.

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Available as a print at Etsy.

Glastonbury Top

Top half of the drawing with details and lower part:

Glastonbury Down


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