Self Inflicted Distraction

DolcemerinqueMandarin Print with piggies

I have yet to find an artists who lives without self inflicted pet distraction. Mine are my daughter’s utterly sweet and engaging guinea pigs, and what, which or who is yours? Because pets are 100% depending on us for food, warmth and care, they secure a firm and lasting bond with us, top predators, for their daily food and weekly fresh bedding.

‘I have a new guinea pig’ very rapidly is followed by ‘I love Dolce’, to ‘She owns me’. Exactly, this is what pets do. We think that we own them, but they skilfully turn that around, those clever, adorable little fur balls.



Paula at Etsy

7 thoughts on “Self Inflicted Distraction

  1. Our pet is a dwarf poodle and I do love him. And he takes me outside when I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise, he is always happy to see me, and when I have to stay on the couch for days on bad days he happily keeps my feet warm.

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  2. aww, your guinea pigs are sooo lovely!
    You know my “distraction” is our dog Indy, without him I surely wouldn’t go outside walking every day, in the sun and in the rain… 😉
    Then I also have four gold fish in the acquarium. I love to watch them and communicate with them through movements on the glass.

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