Make and Draw your own Cut-Outs: Hurrah to Freehand Drawing

Rabbit Pots

Three ‘work in progress’ photos. The first photo:  I’m drawing two rabbit vases with the help of sketching paper, graphite pencil and a ruler. By doing this, I making two cut-outs that I will use later for my final composition. I love freehand drawing and using self made cut-outs, no light-boxes or photography are involved.

Cuts outs with vase

Self made cut-outs. They do not have to be identical to each other or to the real vases. One can alter the shapes as one wishes.

WIP Rabbit Vases

After freehand drawing and setting up a composition, I start building layers of pigments.

I can only see advantages in making cut-outs using cheap sketchbook paper. You can test compositions with your cut-outs by sliding, flipping or turning (the three mathematical movements, remember?) them till you are happy with your composition.
The shape of a cut-out can be corrected by folding it over its middle line and checking if the two sides aren’t too far of. But you can only do this when the perspective of the painter is a straight 90-degree angle. If a painter sits slightly to one side, or higher or lower than the objects he or she is drawing, cut-outs shouldn’t be symmetrical.

Don’t over do. We don’t want to draw photo-realistic, do we? To my opinion photo-supported drawings and paintings are boring because they provide technical perfection which is not was we seek in art. At least, I don’t seek that in art. I like art to be handmade. I prefer that lovely freehand drawing feel, i.e. showing that your our eyes, hands and brain were at work. Distortions and tiny mistakes add to our signature.

It could well be that my objects end up having different shapes than their models, but this makes them my creations and not some photography/photo-shopped assisted replicas. Hurrah to freehand drawing. Freehand drawing guarantees unique pieces.


Paula’s art prints are at Etsy.

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