Atlantic puffins, Fratercula arctica


Puffin birds, Fratercula arctica ©Paula Kuitenbrouwer


Atlantic Puffins, closely sitting together confirming their bond. These beautiful birds can be spotted during summer at coastal areas of Ireland. The genus name Fratercula is Latin for ‘little brother’, referring to the bird’s black and white plumage which resembles monastic robes. Puffins populations have drastically declined due to habitat destruction and exploitation (eggs, feathers and meat) during the 19th century and early 20th century.

Size of print, that comes with a neat and sturdy white mount, is 20.4 cm/25.4 cm or 8 by 10 inches. The print with mount is packed in protective cellophane. It makes a beautiful gift: neatly packed and ready to frame or put it up on a small easel or shelf. Printed details are amazingly clear. Print comes with a Hahnemuhle Certificate of Authenticity. The purchase of this print does not transfer reproduction rights ©Paula Kuitenbrouwer.

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2 thoughts on “Atlantic puffins, Fratercula arctica

  1. One of my favorite sea birds. Their personalities are charming during their mating season when the male tries so desperately to impress the female with his rolling, turning and swimming activities in front of her. If I find the video I took of this action, I will send it to you.


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