Butterflies with Brambles (Apatura iris and Polygonia c-album)

Butterflies with Brambles
Butterflies with Brambles, original and A5 reproduction, coloured pencils Paula Kuitenbrouwer

I was inspired to this Butterfly Composition after my family went out for bramble picking. There I stood, surrounded by bramble bushes and butterflies. I enjoyed it, despite the many scratches.To match the red and blue brambles, I chose a bluish Purple Emperor, Apatura iris, which is a Eurasian butterfly.For a reddish butterfly, I was charmed by the Comma (Polygonia c-album) with its irregular wing edges.  It is wonderful to see that how rich nature makes a simple red-blue theme. It doesn’t feel like a two coloured composition at all. Nature won’t let itself be categorized in colours. 
Paula Kuitenbrouwer

13 thoughts on “Butterflies with Brambles (Apatura iris and Polygonia c-album)

  1. beautiful beyond words..
    it feels like one could reach out and they would fly away!
    Take Care…


    1. Anja, how lovely. Your son has enchanting imagination. I hope he will keep that for a long time, because it is healthy and it makes him and others happy.

      There is a lovely children’s book series by Backyard Books/Kingfisher, named ‘Are you a Bee?’ or ‘Are you a Ladybird?’. I read these books to my daughter over and over. I’m sure your son will enjoy them too.

      Have a look here

      Wishing your son many scrumptious sips of nectar.


    1. A female Apatura is brown, a male Apatura has blue wings, sometimes only a bit of blue. Female butterflies have less bold colours, because they are vulnerable during the time they lay eggs. Brown is then a better colour to blend in with their surroundings.


  2. I love this so much. I have good memories of bramble picking (mostly we call them blackberries here). We used have a huge spread around a redwood tree that had to be chopped down due to fire. There was a little garden snake living inside the stump and he would come keep me company every more when I can get get fruit.

    I love the colors you used here, Paula, the deep purple of the berries with coordinated with one butterfly and contrasted to the other. Charming and restful. I like it very much. Well done …


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