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My Butterfly Mugs Paula KuitenbrouwerButterfly Fine Art Cards Set

Blues by Paula Kuitenbrouwer
Blues, Blue Butterfly Familiy by Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Prodryas persephone

See here, my butterflies and an engraving of the fossil (1887) of a Prodryas persephone, an extinct butterfly. It was the first butterfly fossil to be found in North America. It is unusually well preserved. This fossil has amazing detail and clarity. It was collected in the late 1800s by the Mrs. Charlotte Hill, a homesteader turned naturalist, who helped discover many important fossils.

I’m inspired by the contrast of the hard shale deposits of Late Eocene age and the fragility of the butterfly. The force of raindrops on rocks make them wear down, and a fragile butterfly can leave an imprint in stone. It tells us Die Milde Macht Ist Gross (gentle power works well).

Paula Kuitenbrouwer

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12 thoughts on “All Things Butterfly

  1. I am putting the link to this up on my Facebook page, Paula, and I downloaded you fabulous post “Mindful Drawing to Me” for Bardo. Perfectly lovely. I have discovered that if I click on the photograph of a drawing, it comes up large and I can see the all the perfectly wonderful detail.


    1. I linked this to my personal Facebook page and I will link another to my Poetry/Arts/Humanity page. For this one I wrote:

      My artist friend, Paula Kuitenbrouwer is all about butterflies these days. She’s hugely talented. In this post you can see her drawings and some delicately “etched” fossil remains of butterflies. Click on the photographs to see more detail. Lovely …

      Good luck with all. Thanks for sharing.



  2. The fossil is just amazing! I couldn’t believe it was a fossil at first, it looked like a piece of art, all those delicate details visible.
    Love you mugs too!


  3. The butterfly fossil is remarkable. As Sasa points out, so many delicate details remain visible that is makes one question its authenticity when first seeing it. It’s encouraging that nature has ways of recording her history, providing permanent evidence of all that has gone before. I wonder what remains to be discovered and what we have yet to learn about the many species fossils will reveal.


  4. The fossil is remarkable, indeed, and your choice of Gentle Power is Great is spot on. I don’t like to think about what happened to cause the butterfly’s demise, and yet the preserved body is a treasure – a beautiful treasure at that.


    1. The butterfly’s demise has probably to do with climate change, change of habitat (hosts plants) or a change in the food chain. I can’t think of other reasons, but hopefully a lepidopterist can fill us in.
      We have two butterfly houses in our garden. I like to think this helps a tiny bit with giving our precious insects a bigger change to survival.


  5. What a wonderful idea with the single chicken in the coffee mug. At least, that’s what we call that plant here in TN. I have no idea why, lol. When I was a child my mom had a flower pot full of them. That flower pot got knocked off the porch and broke, so she threw them all across the street by the mailbox. They took off like wildfire after that!


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