Dragonfly and Swallowtail Butterfly

Blog2 Original Dragonfly Swallowtail Butterfly coloured-pencil drawing, postcards, and mouse-pad, copyright Paula Kuitenbrouwer

To view this Dragonfly & Swallowtail Fine Art Card close up, click here.

On an ideal day, after home schooling my daughter, I have plenty of time to draw. The clock doesn’t seem to tick…..the day will last forever. Inspired by teaching the Great Masters, I start a new oil painting, carefully preparing it with a white-black under layer, time to start cooking is still far away.

Christmas-Happy Holidays Cards

(my Christmas-Happy Holiday Fine Art Card, my Gift-cards, old church-books, German herbal bouquet, Korean decoration and Italian fabric)

There is even enough time to toy with my camera.

How does your ideal day look like? You need 48 or 72 hours extra in a day?


Paula Kuitenbrouwer sells exquisite fine art cards of her drawings as well as reproductions, and of some drawings smaller business-, gift- or mummy-cards. See Purchase in the header for what is available as well as the price list. In case you like to commission Paula, contact her at mindfuldrawing@gmail.com

23 thoughts on “Dragonfly and Swallowtail Butterfly

  1. Hi Paula! Oh, the mouse pad looks amazing!! It’s so long time I’m dreaming to make one, but I’m still waiting for right inspiration.
    I love the new card. And M’s mosaic looks great. Nice to see she’s still creative!
    My ideal day… is made with a lot of sunshine (natural light above my table is one of the things that mostly inspire me for drawing) and with a small to-do-list (nowhere to go, nobody to call, not urgent housework to do – that means I have not to look on the clock). Some good music and my favourite pizza, too, and some happy people (family) around me. 🙂


    1. I share your idea that, on an ideal day, there is no clockwork involved, neither housekeeping. On an ideal day, teaching inspires the student and the teacher. Even the sun like to join in with its sun-rays dancing on our desk. We are twins, Sybille 🙂


  2. My ideal day includes having time to check what my creative internet buddies are up to… What a beautiful post! Looks like you have settled to your new home well and are as productive as ever!


  3. Sometimes it does indeed feel that I need more than 24 hours, not so much because of rush as because of the many pleasure available. What a lovely collection here today …You see! One of the pleasure of my day …

    Paula, I went to my mail box – it’s been three weeks, don’t often get there – and what a lovely surprise to find an envelope from you with some of your art. I will send the card to a friend who is very ill. I feel that you art is soothing and healing. I will use the little calling cards at bookmarks in Christmas gifts to friends (I give little books of poetry) … another little treasure for them and perhaps some new fans and new business for you.

    Also, I must say that I love that you are teaching your daughter at home, no doubt a marvelous benefit and experience for you both. I know you are a good teacher because of your gentle, intuitive, and perceptive comments and posts.

    Many blessings,


  4. My ideal day? A deep question. It prompts consideration of what I value most and whether or not all that can be compressed into one day as we measure time.

    I could talk about it superficially in terms of what feels good for the moment, or what makes me think I am happy for a day. I could speculate about whether or not my ideal day would mean that I become an active creator, or a seeker wanting to make progress moving in a new direction. I wonder about where times would fit in when I am more content remaining quiet, mindful, and contemplative….. or are all those apparent opposites really an expansion of the same experience like phases of the moon? (I sound a little like Henri, Le Chat Noir!)

    My ideal day would provide time and circumstances for blending all of this together in some form. Most of all, my ideal day would include time with like-minded friends, even if that happens online more and more these days.

    Wishing everyone many ideal days full of peace and contentment.


    1. Andrea, that is just a wonderfully described.You are exactly pointing out the transcendence of what mindfully drawing is to me: slipping into a quiet, inner place where I can escape the stressful concepts of time and effort. Where there is a sort of fluidity of being and where inspiration comes effortlessly. I guess it is the place where we meet our Muses.

      My ideal day would include hanging out with like-minded friends too. However, supplemented by lots of Chai tea and Dutch chocolate. 🙂


        1. Don’t worry, I’ll bring Dutch and Belgium chocolate.
          Yesterday I tried a vegan chocolate bar made with rice milk. That was unbelievably yummy. I don’t thing I’m allowed to send food to the USA, but if possible and needed, I send you a block for Christmas.


          1. This is so characteristically generous of you, Paula. I have seen vegan chocolate bars in stores here and I think I have tried different ones in past years ….. or what seems like past lives at this point. There are also organic vegan dark chocolate bars available which have cocoa butter as the fat. I am always looking for better ways to indulge my chocolate cravings. When I have time, I will look for recipes online. I’m sure someone has figured out a way to make chocolate bars using rice milk and has posted the recipe. I knew about using coconut oil, cocoa, and a sweetner.

            Years ago, I used to buy Drost cocoa powder from the Netherlands to make smooth hot chocolate for a special treat. It was delicious. The flavor was so much better than our domestic products. It had to be something about the Dutch processing that made it better.


  5. I think you must have had an ideal day sometime recently, Paula. My girls were delighted to see the package that arrived in the post yesterday. You and your daughter are much too kind and generous! Thank you so much! I have a couple questions, and so emailed them to you.


  6. My ideal day looks quite as yours-it means it is a day with this extra moment around noon, when you know you did something and yet have almost a hole day ahead……and what is good about such days-I’ve learned it is possible to offer myself such a day , at least sometimes!


  7. What a beautiful surprise Paula!!!! I aö very excited and say thank you ! Thank you for all what you do, for your paintings, for your articles that are such goodness for the eyes !

    I am one of these who need at least 48h in a day. A beautiful day ? The footsteps of my daughter coming to say “good morning”, the warm body of my son, just awake against me, having breakfast with my children, the cool air of a sunny winter day, working on interesting projects, a beautiful sunset…. and so many things to read, write, cook and do 😉


    1. Ha…your young daughter’s ‘good morning’ feels like an angel awaking you, doesn’t it? I remember that from my own sweetheart.
      You enjoy the little things of life, and you wisely understand you have to enjoy them every day, because children grow up so fast.
      Wishing you many ideal days.


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