Put Different Elements Together

Putting different elements together is rewarding

In my drawing of a Pumpkin with Autumn Butterflies I’ve put put two elements together: a heavy pumpkin and contrary to the central heaviness of the pumpkin two light-weighted butterflies. If an object or element is heavy, it adds charm to a picture to complement it with something not-heavy, in this case fluttering butterflies. Different elements work great together.

Have a look at how Korean Designer Hun-Chung Lee shows in ‘The Ceramic Furniture of Hun-Chung Lee’ how beautiful he has put geometrical elements together.

We see a square, a rectangle, a sphere, and a block and they all make this wonderful bench to sit on. No…to sit on after admiring it. Or to admire it at the same time as sitting on it while resting your arm on the rectangular block. For more click here.

This Korean house design by Lim-geo Dang my heart jump too.

See how it combines cosy corners, in which you feel safe and at home, with openness and a far view. The house uses concrete and wood, glass and vegetation to combine elements. The light on the different elements creates a wonderful colour palette, mainly soft yellow. It is as if the sun shines, but if you look at the sky you clearly see an overcast. How would you feel in a house that offers you elements like space, cosiness and sunshine? More info here.

Even within a drawing of one type of flowers, in this case tulips, one can put different elements together.

Notice how the first flower on the left is opening. Follow the bouquet clockwise and see how the tulips comes to full bloom. Finish your mindful observation by observing the last, hanging tulip that represents decay and the end of a life. Even when you draw 4 flowers you can suggest all the elements of an old fashioned Vanitas theme: that life is short. The Latin Vanitas means “emptiness” and loosely translated corresponds to the meaninglessness of earthly life.

Putting different elements together is rewarding.


Paula Kuitenbrouwer at Etsy.

4 thoughts on “Put Different Elements Together

  1. It’s interesting to see your thinking process behind the pumpkin and butterflies. Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to consider how I can apply the lesson to my own work. I especially love the tulips.


  2. Great tips here! I love how you incorporate them in your art. You have a great eye for capturing and observing these details. I didn’t know about the heavy vs. non-heavy elements. I will be more mindful of this. Thank you!


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