Tawny Owls

Tawny Owls, copyright Paula Kuitenbrouwer

I’ve positioned my Tawny owls on branches. Owls sit often in oak trees preferably a bit hidden from view, close to the trunk of a tree. They snooze and keep their cool while other birds try to chase them away. I’ve drawn oak and ivy leaves around them and a pine tree in the background. This scene shows our backyard with the owls that keep us awake at night. Do they look cute? Wait till they wake you up at night. Their screeching doesn’t sound cute at all. I wouldn’t like to be a mouse in our garden scavenging for food in the dark of the night.


Paula at Etsy and at Amazon Handmade

14 thoughts on “Tawny Owls

  1. So beautiful! Can’t you ask your owls to visit our garden, one night? (I think there are enough mice…) I never saw owls in our garden, only lots of bats. The owls card looks very delicate, I’m sure it will make happy many people. And owls, of course! 🙂


    1. They are on their way. I told them about your mountains and valleys, about the villages and woodlands. They just took off without even saying bye-bye.
      If you hear them late at night…go outside the house and switch on your Iphone (or any smartphone) with the sound of a Tawny owl hooting. Make sure you hide yourself and you have a view on the lighter sky. Without any sound you will see the owl flying over, curious who is making that noise. Take care though: in some countries this is forbidden because attracting birds and animals with sounds is a hunting method. Apart from that: our owls fell in love with our Iphone and made a racket the following night.
      You can do also a bit of ‘owling’ with a light. But then you have to go away from your village to a clearing in a dark forest. Stand in the middle of the clearing and call the owl by imitating it. When you see its wonderful silhouette, turn on your flash light. For a short moment it will see you and you will see the owl. Take care not to shine in its eyes but to the next branch.
      It is really stunning to see owls flying without even a whisper of sound. Really magical.


      1. What interesting method… We do not havy any Iphones or smartphones but I will try to learn some “words” in Owlish… I remember my Grandfather, who was a gamekeeper (I hope it’s the right word, it means “Jagdaufseher”, the person who controls hunters), when I was a little girl, took me into the forest early in the morning of a summer, and then he said something in Deerish: and there came a Deer! Oh, it was a fantastic moment!! So this could work with owls, too. I will tell you…


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