Martinus Antonius Kuytenbrouwer (1821-1897)

‘Deer in Forest’ water paint by M. A. Kuytenbrouwer circa 1845 and his ‘Falconry near Fontainebleau

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Lets walk with M.A. Kuytenbrouwer through the forest. It is like magic, this quiet walk. We spot deer resting in a small clearing in the woods. Suddenly they spot us. For a moment they and we are mesmerized, then they run away. While we feel sorry for interrupting their peace, all we see is their short, white tail disappearing in the thicket.

We keep on walking and at a wild quarry we see nobles with their trained falcons. The persons are busy training their birds of prey to catch rabbits. We sit down at the lake for a rest and we look at how the falcons fly. One sits down on the high bare branches of the big oak tree. It takes the noblemen a long time before it flies down for a piece of meat.

Both water paintings of Martinus Antonius Kuytenbrouwer show big trees right in the centre of the paintings. That is daring but Kuytenbrouwer knows how to suggest large spaces in which the falcons fly and the deer rest even with large trees in the centre of his paintings. There are young branches on the old trees that show new life, while some dead branches show us time and lives are passing.

Look at the clouds drifting in the place where the falconry takes place. Will it rain soon? The deer are resting and probably even a bit basking in some late evening light. Both water paints are full details and have beautiful colour palettes. The skilful painting of different textures of stone, fur, wood, leaves, water and soil make the scene’s come to life.

Paula Kuitenbrouwer


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