Pumpkin with Autumn Butterflies

Pumpkin with Autumn Butterflies, copyright Paula Kuitenbrouwer.

Photo Thomas Kluck


A beautiful pumpkin with one flower and two leaves. I show two sides of one leaf. The flower is blooming but its characteristic wrinkled appearance shows. The pumpkin shows some marks with emphasizes Autumn all the more.

The butterfly on the right is a Small Tortoiseshell, Aglais urticae (Dutch ‘Kleine Vos’). This butterfly can be seen on warm Autumn days.

The butterfly on the left is a Comma, the well known Polygonia c-album (Dutch  ‘Gehakkelde Aurelia’).  I choose both Fall butterflies because they correspond in colour with the pumpkin.


I have drawn a real life scene: a factually correct combination of botany and butterflies.


This coloured pencil drawing is available as greeting cards, menu cards (think Thanksgiving!) and as an A4 reproduction as a Thanksgiving gift. See Purchase in the header for information and the price-list.


Paula Kuitenbrouwer


Paula Kuitenbrouwer sells exquisite fine art cards of her drawings as well as reproductions, and of some drawings smaller business-, gift- or mummy-cards. See Purchase in the header for what is available as well as the price list. In case you like to commission Paula, contact her at mindfuldrawing@gmail.com

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