Mesmerizing Koi

Koi  and Fish Series, Coloured Pencils on Gesso Board, Copyright Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Why are Koi so mesmerizing? Why are people willing to pay thousands of Euro’s for a pretty ‘Asagi’, a blue Koi? I know now. Recently I sat next to a large pond with koi with beautiful colours and patterns. I looked at them for some time. I got mesmerized. Mindfully I asked myself why I was I so intensely enjoying sitting next to this pond and looking at the slow and gently moving  fish? Suddenly I understood.

The pond with Koi had become my thinking. Each koi fish represented one thought, a thought that lighted up against the dark, deep pond. Thoughts, like fish, swam in and out of my mind. The more the fish got used to me and I to them, the slower they appeared and disappeared. My whole thinking process became more like a flow; it slowed down and became less demanding. I’d let my thoughts come and go while I was aware of their coming and going. Sitting by the pond and looking at the colourful, smooth swimming fish became a meditation.

Has this meditation helped me to understand the obsession with koi carp and the willingness to spend a monthly salary on a beautiful Asagi? Yes, I do understand now, but that doesn’t mean I became so obsessed because that is a choice. However, I decided to draw a Koi-series to capture the meditation experience. Every time I look at my drawing, I like to feel that meditation again. And I hope others feel it too while looking at my drawing.


Koi met Vis Vaas


35 thoughts on “Mesmerizing Koi

  1. Heisann!

    Yes, I do understand you…. and one more pond of koi-illustration is among this weeks posts!
    Sorry, I don’t remember the name of the illustrator, but the post was her first on IF.
    Thanks for a nice story and a delicate pencil drawing.
    Go’ hælj!


  2. Beautiful…peacefull…mesmerizing…Recently we went to Hong Kong and took our seven year old daughter to Ocean Park which I enjoyed just because of the beautiful Koi and the jellyfish collections, I could have been there for ever, my thoughts just disappeared while in there.


  3. First of all thank you for your lovely comment on my London picture. I came to see your blog and I found someone whose work shows sensibility, creativity and talent. I am impressed. Thanks for sharing your Koi pond illustrations with us!


      1. Thanks Paula! ) Welcome any time. I have some great projects in mind, may be we could work on them later together and even take on board more people! :))
        Have a great day!


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