M.A. Kuytenbrouwer Sr. and Jr.

Landscape with Grazing Cattle and a Farmer,  M.A. Kuytenbrouwer

Anthony Martin Sr. Kuytenbrouwer (1777-1850) was a Dutch painter. His career in the military started at the age of 16. In his spare time he painted. In 1813 his first exhibition was held in Amsterdam. His themes were mainly landscapes, cattle and horses. Horses played a big role in his work. This isn’t surprising since, as an officer, he dealt daily with horses. Kuytenbrouwer was probably influenced by the Dutch realist landscape and animal paintings of the seventeenth century. A total of 24 works by him are known.

His son, Martin A. Kuytenbrouwer Jr. 1821-1897 was a painter too.

Deer in Forest, M.A. Kuytenbrouwer 1845

Both paintings are calm scene’s.

The farmer looks content while his cattle is enjoying the shade near the trees. Three cows and three sheep. It is picture from old times when farmers held life stock for their families. A far cry from the modern, large cattle barns in which cows live never to taste any meadow pleasures.

Deer are resting in a small clearing in the woods. This painting feels as if you are making a magic, quiet walk. All of the sudden you spot them. For a moment you and they are mesmerized. Forget your binoculars; they are running away already. While you feel sorry for interrupting their peace, all you see is their short, white tail disappearing in the thicket.

Paula Kuitenbrouwer

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