Atalanta and Peacock Butterfly

 Atalanta & Peacock Butterfly, Coloured Pencils, copyright Paula Kuitenbrouwer, Photo Thomas Kluck


Drawing butterflies is wonderful.

I have read stories of war-children spontaneously drawing butterflies. I read also stories of war victims that are asked by their therapist to draw butterflies to create a picture of hope. Butterflies are associated with rebirth, hope, transformation, spirits of the ceased beloved ones and fertility. Who hasn’t in a sad of grievous moment not interpreted a bypassing, fluttering butterfly as a sign that life would soon improve? Butterflies are probably the only insects we do not automatically swat. We even like their shadows as design prints! Butterfly shadows are one of the very few that don’t impose fear.


 Paula Kuitenbrouwer at Etsy

9 thoughts on “Atalanta and Peacock Butterfly

  1. These are wonderful. I really liked your comment about butterfly drawings becoming too light and sweet. It’s such a good observation, and I love how bold these are!


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