Butterflies Enchant Us

‘Blues’ a butterfly composition, coloured pencil, copyright Paula Kuitenbrouwer, photo Thomas Kluck

You might notice two brown butterflies. The browns are the ladies. Would a Blue lady be blue too, she would be too vulnerable when she is laying eggs. She needs to blend in with green leaves or brown twigs. So when you spot a tiny brown butterfly, have a close look. If you notice a subtle, blue shine on her brown wings, it might be a Blue.

The ancient Greeks believed that butterflies were dead people spirits. If somebody dies, open the window of the room, so that he can leave his body as a butterfly.

There is also a belief that butterflies symbolize rebirth: a butterfly that hatches from its pupa, represents a newly born human soul.


Postcards of this drawing are available, contact Paula at mindfuldrawing@gmail.com for prices.


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