Look inside Gemstones

Gemstones, copyright Paula Kuitenbrouwer, photo by Thomas Kluck

Observe mindfully gemstones and you will see oceans, landscapes and different worlds. Some gemstones (quartz) allow you to look through their first solid layer. The more I study the gemstones, the more I see how their patterns resemble landscapes. I see icy landscapes, sandy hills, and lakes. By looking through the foggy quartz, I think about how many unknown and unseen patterns are hidden inside the stones.

Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Paula at Etsy

This fabric at Spoonflower

10 thoughts on “Look inside Gemstones

  1. They look magic!
    It seems hard to me to draw stones. When I tried they looked more like potatoes, not like stones!
    An old friend told me something philosophic about gemstones long time ago. He said, people are like diamonds. Diamonds look like ordinary gray stones, but only by grinding and rubbing them, they become what they really are: shiny glittering precious works of art. We humans have to rub together, so that we can sparkle and shine. This means we need each other, the conversations and discussions, exchange of opinions and knowledge. So we can become Gemstones.


  2. Paula, you do such beautiful work. I also liked your description of what you can see inside the stones and shared the thoughts you had while creating this piece of art. Art is so very personal. I agree with you that handmade cards are the most wonderful way to spread cheer and share your love for others. I am getting ready now to create some personal cards to say thank you to my children and grandchildren for their thoughtful gifts.

    Happy New Year and thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging me in my Art Adventures.


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