Autumn Treasures

Acorn in pastels copyright Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Red door with autumn and green leaves, Pinterest

Exploded large woodland mushroom

Autumn Display with my Honeysuckle gift-card and autumn mini fruits


Last weekend my family enjoyed a lovely autumn walk. I spotted this exploded  large puffball (a boletus mushroom). It was easy to overlook, this wonderful piece of nature art, because it blended in perfectly with the fallen autumn leaves. It had a beautiful colour palette and its ripped shape made us wonder what sound the explosion had caused; a soft long lasting pfffffffzzzzz, or a loud bang? If you would walk in the forest during twilight, both sounds would have caused you to look around in anguish, wondering which night-time animal was stalking you.

Autumn with exploding mushrooms and twilight does get you into a Halloween mood. It is great fun to tell scary stories. Wandering in a peaceful forest, with mysterious sounds of falling acorns and exploding mushrooms, will turn you into a natural storyteller.

Go outdoors (with your children) and admire nature’s art.

Collect acorns and stack them up in nice, small piles for deer and squirrels, and bring some acorns home for your local Jays.

Draw endless inspiration from autumns outstanding ochre palette and enjoy together story telling.

Paula Kuitenbrouwer