Fabulous Fabric; Timeless and Lush Tulip Love


Tulip Love fabric, designed by Paula Kuitenbrouwer. Click to enlarge.


I’ve designed ‘Tulip Love’, a timeless fabric.

It is such fun to play with colours and designs. I love new challenges, because what works for a drawing, doesn’t automatically make a fabulous fabric. And vice versa!

A new skill is emerging and I love that.

It is wonderful how a sample ignites so much creativity. With my inner eye, I see a whole room decorated with my tulip wallpaper, pillows with my tulip design, and a soft bedspread with extra large tulips. Should I design a tea set too? Or notebooks?

I’m going to spin out of control. Watch me.

With Tulip Love from Holland,



If you are interested in buying this fabric, click here.

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6 thoughts on “Fabulous Fabric; Timeless and Lush Tulip Love

  1. The pattern is lovely! Funny, I have also started playing with pattern design. I just participated in an amazing course on surface decoration in Central Saint Martins and I am so excited! Great to see that you have been bitten by the same bug too, looking forward to see your designs Paula!


  2. What a brilliant idea! Love your tulip fabric. I can’t sew anything, but still want some even though I’m not sure I’d have made because there are too many possibilities! A room decorated with this pattern would be lovely.


  3. I don’t know if it’s my computer or what, but this is third day I’ve come to visit and can’t see the photograph! A disappointment, but I know it’s beautiful because it’s yours. Paula, what a fun thing to do. What a wonderful way to expand your creative playground. Something maybe to cover journals with or make a tea cosy. Look forward to seeing where you go with this.

    Thanks also for your links to posts for Bardo. Will be working on that soon. Hope all is well with your and yours.



  4. So elegant and lovely. I can imagine many uses for this fabric design. It seems many of your drawings could be adapted. The honeysuckle? I can see an entire line of items for the home featuring your art.



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